Why Choose Us?

At Mesilati’s Watch Repair,  we go above and beyond to make sure every job we are entrusted with comes back to the customer with nothing less than perfection. Using advanced tools and company certified training, our watchmaker delicately takes care of each watch.

             Mesilati’s Watch Repair is a 3rd generation watch servicing company. Specializing in Rolex, Omega, and Cartier, we repair, clean and fix all brands of watches. Our vast array of skills include, polishing, servicing, link tightening, crystal replacement, battery change and much more.

Who is the Watchmaker?

Shlomi Mesilati is a 3rd generation owner of a watch repair shop in Houston, Texas. Mesilati’s Watch Repair is family owned, and has three separate locations in Italy, Israel and Texas.
Shlomi Mesilati has 7 years of experience working at Omega Inc. as a watch repair service specialist. Prior to that he worked with his father at the family business for ten years to start learning how to fix and repair all types of watches. Inevitably, as it is in the Mesilati household, Shlomi was ready to move on and open his own store in Texas. In 2015 he was able to open and now runs a successful business in PlazAmerica.