Rolex Twin Movement Servicing

rolex oyster perpetual date just under servicing

Weekend Special

This weekend, I got the chance to work on two twin watches, the Rolex Perpetual Date and the Rolex Perpetual Date Just non-quick, both with the 1570 non-quick movement inside. Both needed servicing, so i decided to do them together and make a joint post on them.

Although nothing was broken, both watches had dirt in them making them not keep time as smoothly as they should. To repair them they both needed new mainsprings, waterproofing, and polishing. Starting off with disassembly, both watches were fully taken apart and inspected for any extraneous damage that wasn’t noticed earlier.

During assembly I use the wistechi amplitude reader to make sure the watch is keeping time properly and the mainspring holds a charge. Finally once the movement is done, I go ahead and polish the case and bracelet, then put the watch back together fully.

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