Tissot Polish and Service

Over these past two weeks, a couple Tissot Automatic watches have across my workbench. Both of them needing servicing and polishing I decided to make a joint article with them. One Tissot is The PR 516 GL, and the other is an T045 407A.

  When they were given to us the crystals and bands were both scratched, and the movements had small particles of dust and dirt on them.

After removing the movements from their cases, I start disassembling them carefully making sure each piece is in working order.

Once taken apart I can put the pieces in baskets and wash them in the Vibrograf for cleaning.  The Vibrograf then cleans the movement in three different chemicals. When it finishes all three cycles I can then get back to reassembling the watches.

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Once the watches are fully assembled i can start work on the bands, and case with the polish machine. phone 1 885.JPG

Now once everything looks and works like new I insert the movements back in the case and attach the bands. 20180214_103340

Feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments below. Thanks for reading.

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