Omega Seamaster Cleanup

Service, Polish, and Crystal Replacement of an antique Omega Seamaster

Early February, one of our regular customers came into our shop looking for a retouch for his omega. When he gave it to us, the crystal was scratched deeply, the dial was covered in dirt and barely legible, and it was not keeping time as efficiently as it should.

Once we removed the watch from the case, we were able to start taking it apart and really seeing how dirty the gear train and other high friction parts of the watch were.

Here are a couple photos of the watch in various stages of being taken apart. Starting with the dial and hands then flipping the movement over to disassemble the rest. Once it is all taken apart we carefully take each piece and put it through our cleansing machine.


Once finished being cleaned, the parts are all put back on the table to check for any excess dirt and dust. After inspection we can finally start reassembly.

With many years of experience behind him, our master watchmaker works to restore the watch to perfect working order. Using only the best tools in the trade, he makes sure that the watch is accurate to the second and the mainspring holds a charge correctly.

Next step in the process is complete reassembly of the movement. During this step the watchmaker constantly checks to make sure that everything is working properly and nothing is out of order. Once complete with this he can now focus on the case.

The watchmaker finishes polishing the case to perfection making it shine like new. He then inserts the freshly cleaned movement, runs a few more tests to make sure everything is working properly. Once satisfied he can the pass it on to the customer.

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