Rolex Twin Movement Servicing

Weekend Special This weekend, I got the chance to work on two twin watches, the Rolex Perpetual Date and the Rolex Perpetual Date Just non-quick, both with the 1570 non-quick movement inside. Both needed servicing, so i decided to do them together and make a joint post on them. Although nothing was broken, both watches had dirt in them making them not keep time as smoothly as they should. To repair them they both needed…

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Tissot Polish and Service

Over these past two weeks, a couple Tissot Automatic watches have across my workbench. Both of them needing servicing and polishing I decided to make a joint article with them. One Tissot is The PR 516 GL, and the other is an T045 407A.   When they were given to us the crystals and bands were both scratched, and the movements had small particles of dust and dirt on them. After removing the movements from…

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Omega Seamaster Cleanup

Service, Polish, and Crystal Replacement of an antique Omega Seamaster Early February, one of our regular customers came into our shop looking for a retouch for his omega. When he gave it to us, the crystal was scratched deeply, the dial was covered in dirt and barely legible, and it was not keeping time as efficiently as it should. Once we removed the watch from the case, we were able to start taking it apart…

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